"The Battle of the Bowls"   

2013年 09月 09日

2013年The Battle of the Bowls / The National Juried Showのコンテストに菊ボールが入選したという嬉しいニュースを受けました。 そのエキシビジョンショウには200点以上の応募作品から選ばれた20点が共に展示されます。展示会場はリンチバーグ、バージニア州のアカデミーオブファインアーツ、期間は10月4日から29日です。

My 'Kiku' Bowl has been selected at The National Juried Show "2013 The Battle of the Bowls” 20 bowls were selected out of over 200 pieces and will display at the show.
The Exhibition show will take place at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchberg VA for Oct.4 ~ 29.

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登り釜初挑戦 No.1-2/ First Challenge Wood-Firing No.1-2   

2013年 09月 04日


September 2013, it was my first challenge, and I participated to a wood-firing at a studio of a ceramic sculptor Tony Moore at Cold Spring, NY. Following a glazing and loading into a kiln, ceramic pieces would be kept firing about 80 hours. By an eight hours shift, I worked for stalking firewoods with another three potters. During my shift, I spent a substantial time with exchangeing knowledge and information with fellow potters. In particular, I'm gratful to Tony who generously gave me much information relevent to a wood-firing.

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Tokyo-NY Freiendship Ceramic Competition 2013 / 東京NY姉妹都市陶芸展   

2013年 04月 12日


My red iron curved bowl was selected and was displied for a week of April(12~17) at NY Nippon Club.
I was honored to meet and talk to the 10th master of Oohi pottery, Mr. Toshio Oohi at the award ceremony.

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母子の陶芸教室 / Mother & Daughter Ceramic Lesson   

2013年 02月 06日


Februrary 2013, I held a Mother & Daughter Ceramic Lesson. It was a huge success. We had fun creating ceramic pieces and spending time with each other.




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六角陶芸教室生徒作品展示/Rokkaku Ceramic class Exhibition   

2013年 02月 05日


For the month of Feburary 2013,' pottery made by students from Rokkaku Ceramic Studio is on display at the Summit Public Library in NJ. They are proud of their improving skills! Name of students : Masako Connelly, Lidya Hong, Lynda Tomaru, Masami Yamamoto, Masami Laws, Megumi Shiono, Naomi Takagi, Yoshie Ishii.

私の作品もあわせて展示しました。My pottery is also displayed there.


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