Tom Neugebauer 陶芸展 Ceramic Exhibition   

2013年 11月 18日

2013年11月17日、Hunterdon Art Museum,Clinton NJで
Tom and Judith Neugebauer陶芸展オープニングレシェプションがありました。

On November 17 '13 Tom and Judith Neugebauer's Ceramics and Jewelry Exhibition opening reception was held at Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton NJ. Tom is my Raku firing master, and his wife Judith is a well known Jewelry designer. The characteristic of this exhibition was that his vases and her jewelries were decorated with 23K gold leaves, and these were elegantly modern. Tome's pieces which were Raku and Wood firing vases, gave me new ideas and an inspiration. They are a wonderful couple!

by pottermom | 2013-11-18 07:54

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