2012 BCネットワークのセミナーにて   BC Network Seminar 2012   

2012年 04月 22日



On April 22, 2012, I attended the fifth annual seminar of the Breast Cancer Network. It took place at the residence of the Japanese Consul General in NY. Fujisankei Kuge announcer introduced two topics which were "Awareness of Breast Cancer" by NYU Dr. Joseph and " Cancer Free Lifestyle and Food' by dietitian, Ms. Miyashita. The reason why I participated in this seminar is to contribute my ceramic small berry bowls. It is very good for us to eat berries which are rich in antioxidents. This bowl is a perfect size for small berries, and works as a colander and a presentable serving dish. This idea originally came from my ceramic student Naomi. More than 70 Japanese ladies attended at this time, and it was a relaxing gathering after the seminar with the first lady of consul general. The ladies were enjoying a dessert buffet, and three lucky ladies got prizes. I hope they enjoy my berry bowl. Thanks to president Yamamoto and many volunteers for their hard work.

by Pottermom | 2012-04-22 00:35

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